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The Holy Christian Church Defined 

Because of many corrupted church organizations with the title ‘Holy Church’ (particularly the church named ‘Catholic’), it is necessary to define the meaning of ‘The holy Christian church’. The Holy Christian Church is The Spiritual Assembly of the followers of Jesus, denoting those repented and baptized, thus having attained holiness: according to Jesus Christ, through the only means by which this is possible: through Faith, Repentance and Baptism.


What is the true Christian church?

Jesus tells you: the spiritual assembly of the repented and baptised. Only through baptism were they added to the Christian church.


What is God’s church?

Read: it is the spiritual assembly of the repented and baptized: not anyone who claims to be Christian; or a church organisation that claims to be ‘The Christian Church’, but the spiritual assembly of the true Christians.


What does the Christian church believe?

Know it: they believe Jesus alone. Not any man or woman, but Christ alone: and their faith rests in him, for upon this faith the Christian church is built.


What does church mean in the Bible?

Answer: it refers to the spiritual assembly of the repented and baptized, whereupon Jesus Christ has built his church.


Is the word church in the Bible?

Yes: First in Matthew: 16:18 where Jesus tells Peter that, because he had faith (believed) that Jesus was the Christ, he would build his church upon that faith/rock/Jesus. This is why the Apostles preach that by faith men shall be saved: faith in Jesus, not in men: Popes, ministers, preachers, priest, motivators of men, relics, virgin Mary, etc. but in Jesus alone.

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