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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread

 Fàilte Don Eaglais Chrìostail Naomh


Christianity is a religion designed by God, as the successor of Judaism and a new agreement between God and Israel. It was first brought to the Jews in Israel, descendants of the Hebrews, by Jesus Christ, who was born of God and Mary.  But, as the gentiles pressed on, showing faith in him and insisting that Jesus should help them, Christianity was bestowed to all mankind as the key to the kingdom of heaven. Native Israelites (the Jews) are the descendants of the Hebrews whom God led out of Egyptian slavery to the promised land, Israel, imposing 613 religious laws upon them. The term ‘Christianity’, derived from ‘Christ’ and means what it says: the doctrine of Christ. The meaning of ‘Christ’ being: Son of God.  Thus, there is no question if Christianity was created by John the Baptist or Apostle Paul, because the first preached Christianity antecedently, by pre-knowledge from God and by the charge of God; and the latter preached Christianity succeedingly, by the charge of God.

About the Hebrew and Christian Bible 

The Bible consists of two parts: the Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament tells us the story of how an almighty entity named, God, created the earth, men and beast, the sun and the moon. Although God created men upright and free of sin, men had a choice to choose between good and evil and, unfortunately, men chose evil. People constantly fought each other, also designing and executing the most horrible penalties upon their neighbours.  Remarkably, God often told the Hebrews to execute these same penalties upon their enemies.  In the end, men designed these penalties themselves. The world matures and everywhere conflict and bloodshed rages. Nation conquers nation for thousands of years, until modern times, when we finally design lasting treaties to maintain peace for all sides, discarding all the cruelties we contributed to, such as burning people at the stake and penal torture.  In the days of the Old Testament, the world was a very different place than we live in today.  To visit family in a nearby province would require one to be adequately armed, in case robbers or wandering thugs would attack them. Mankind was very violent, all the way to the 19th century. That's why we read so often: "The Bible is full of violence".  What should be: "The old world was full of violence". The New Testament tells the story of God's merciful gift to mankind, through his son = Christ, Jesus. Men's inclination to evil is now challenged by the extreme goodness of repentance in the name of Jesus Christ. Men is called to repent from their wicked ways and baptise in the name of Jesus, the son of God = Christ.  God tells us through Christ that, whoever does believe in Jesus Christ, truly repents and thus successfully concludes the baptism ritual, is promised a new, holy life on earth and life everlasting in heaven.  


Anyone who has but an interest in the Gospel should understand what Christianity is, what a Christian is and what the communion of Saints is. Do not let the practitioners of pseudo-Christianity fool you that mere believers are Christians/Saints. Know ye that the doctrine of Christ, which is the Gospel, is teaching us that this is not so. The Communion of Saints consists of the Spiritual Assembly of The Repented and Baptised. Once Repented and 'successfully' Baptised, one is added to the Christian Church and only now one is 'Christian' and 'Holy'thus obtaining the Sainthood of God and fellowship in the communion of his Saints.  Read it here   +  And here.
Beholding the code I, like many others, first thought that mankind was being called to repent by the pain of a relentless virus. But when I reconsidered the code I came to a different, more favourable and realistic conclusion. For, which of us would be called to repent: believers? unbelievers? or both? How many would actually repent and what volume of repenters would be acceptable to God: in order to persuade him to terminate the virus?  In such a case, only the repentance of the Niniveans could save the earth: - too harsh.

And so I examined the code for a wee and concluded that it may tell us something else:
The Bat caused Coronavirus, starting in China, enclosing the living flesh.  The battle against it commencing in January 2020, in 2020 the Virus shall relent.

The Bat caused Corona, starting in China, enclosing The Living Flesh.  In 2020, mankind is forced into repentance by The Virus: we are forced to repent of the way we used to live, because of THE VIRUS: a virus unlike any we have experienced to-date!   Read the code by Matityahu Glazerson.

The matter examined from start to end by Gospel Lecturer Cliff.  Click here to read the full article.
Better known as The holy Christian church: the church rendered to men by Jesus, preached by the Apostles and documented in the New Testament through the Holy Spirit by the Apostles for all men to read and understand, would they be willing and capable to do so, reading as seriously as they would read an educational script. But do not confuse the term 'Catholic', here used in its original context, with the 'Pseudo-Catholic' churches of men as we know them today. They are not Christian, but 'Catholics' to be understood in terms of the new meaning of 'Catholic', namely: Pseudo-Catholic.
Holiness obtained through Incorruptible Rebirth, achieved through Baptism, facilitated by Repentance motivated by FaithRevised by Cliff on 05-07-2020, after reconsideration. 
Do not be fooled! The four marks of the Christian church as defined by Christianism are yet another diversion to entrap those of lesser intelligence. This should be 'The four marks of Christian church organisations': unity, holiness (of men), universality, and apostolicity. Al the aforementioned being of men and thus 'corruptible' and, indeed, corrupted, as is daily and universally revealed to us through church scandals. Taking the meanings of Holiness and of  'Apostolicity', the church orgs.  fail tremendously, due to their corrupted doctrinal teachings and their fornicating, child-abusing and thieving clergy.  What Apostolicity???  The Apostles preached the Gospel of Jesus and lived it.  Today there is no comparison between the teachings of the Apostles and the doctrine of the Churches. Definitely not from the Catholics, due to their universal doctrinal fornications against God; and by large, also not from the likewise diverted Protestants.
We all know the so-called 'Christian Motivational Speakers'. They draw millions of believers in men while their own motivation is financial gain. Any believer who needs a motivational speaker has got a major problem. The one and only motivational speaker to any believer is Jesus; and secondly, the Apostles. The only motivational speaker to a Christian is Jesus Christ. In time of need, they will recall his words or read them, and draw strength from them. Or they will approach him through prayer. These speakers have in common that they turn around the point but never actually get to the point. They skim the surface, but never get to the bottom of the bowl. And likewise their followers are fed...and thus they starve to burn in hell. It earns better to contain the audience in the delusion that they're Christians and that their emotional response to the speech brings them closer to God. To actually educate them in the Gospel of Jesus would yield no financial rewards. These same human weaknesses the pseudo-churches exploit to bind people to their houses of deceit. Jesus: JOH 5: 43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive!
Institutionally, Christianity was first abused by the leaders of the Roman empire, then by their successors, the Roman Catholic Church. Both used shrewd politics, scriptural contortion, guile, and theatre to entrap the masses. As Rome beheld the power of this new religion spread and soar, while the Roman Empire was crumbling, they wasted no time to grab hold of this new power and exploit it to the full. In the book of Acts, we first read about how some abusers of Christianity endeavoured to infiltrate the true Christian churches   – but to no avail.  And in the revelations of Saint John, Jesus tells us how he appreciates that those who claim to be Apostles whilst they are not, are tried and tested, and then rejected.
Well, the commercial viability of Christianity became evident when the Apostles went their way, preached the Gospel, performed miracles and baptised many into ‘The Church’.  Many of the people they baptised were truly baptised (they received the baptism) and parted with their possessions, so that they may own all things commonly.  Note:  everything was owned by the Christians communally, them having say over the spendings, because these were used for all the members.  Not like it goes today that churches do what they want with the money and pseudo-ministers live millionaire lifestyles with church money. What was happening is that the baptised persons, now Christian and Holy, shared all things by means of disposing of their possessions to the local churches: land, clothing, houses, food, drink  – everything.  The churches (together with the participant) then managed the funds and all the Christians lived of the pot.  To every smart crook, this would smell like ‘bank’!  And yes! they started instantly, posing as Apostles in an attempt to get their hands on the money and the power.  Obviously, in those days they failed, for ‘The Church’ back then, faithful and true, did not allow it.
As the frauds could not infiltrate the true Christian Church, they just founded their own pseudo-churches, the largest of which has become the Roman Catholic Church!  Thus the exploitation of Christianity through Pseudo-Christianity became an enterprise. Obviously, motivated by personal gain, these cons designed and preached a corrupted gospel and, as a result, today the vast majority of churches are Pseudo-Christian: – False!
Because Christianity is so brutally and overtly abused, I regard it as a matter of foremost importance to defend the Gospel. If the Gospel that is preached by the vast majority of churches is a pseudo-gospel, then the followers of these churches are obviously not following Christ, thus excluding themselves from salvation.  And that is why The Holy Christian Church .Org was founded: to reveal to all mankind the true substance and meaning of the Gospel.


The above heading derives from a peculiar Pseudo-Catholic quotation. It moved me to consider its meaning.   
If we are all one in Christ Jesus, then how do we define the lower and the higher church? The Christian Church is one, and thus it has no ranking. Therefore this quote can only apply to 'Church Organisations' consisting of sympathizers, affiliates, believers, and Christians. The Christians (the repented and baptized) constituting the true/higher Church within the organisation, are thus classified 'the higher church' (closer to God and everlasting life) and the remaining members constituting believers, sympathisers and affiliates, are classified 'the lower church' (closer to everlasting death).

George Ferdinant Muller
Christianity's One Proven Guy!
In whom the wrested term 'Catholic Christian'
stands fully restored in the flesh.



The Doctrine, the Constitution and the Foundation of the Christian Church.


The spiritual assembly of the followers of Christ, whoever they are, wherever they be, having assembled 'In Christ' through Faith, Repentance and Baptism, thus one and assembled in one place: 'Within The Son of God'.  


The Repented and Baptised Believers of the Gospel of Jesus, Reborn of Water and the Spirit.


Those not yet repented, nevertheless believing that Jesus is the son of God.


The Christian Church: the spiritual assembly of those reborn of incorruptible seed, through Faith, Repentance and Baptism.


The Church as Jesus Christ has rendered it to the Apostles, Jews and Gentiles in Israel. The same church defined by the Apostles of Jesus in the Gospel they have written through the Holy Ghost, and the same common and democratic church manifested in the book of Acts.


Formal assemblies defining their organisation 'Christian', and generally assumed to be Christian. Yet the vast majority of those organisations are Pseudo-Christian and very few are actually 'Christian': in the name of Christ, in the doctrine of Christ.

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