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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread

Church Structure

Structure of a Christian Church


Aware that Satan has long been exposed in the churches, and knowing that, inevitably, every church will be targeted by Satan, any founders with a bit of sense will understand that the safety of children should be first and foremost.

An open, published, monitorable child protection policy should be in operation from the first day. This policy should regulate all Church affairs relating to children, in such a manner that children are protected from abuse and other dangers, taking care that at no time males from age 13 and over are left alone with little children, or others much older than them alone with them. 

All children must be encouraged to freely comment on adult behaviour toward them   – openly, without fear or secrecy.  They should be periodically invited to comment on adult misbehaviour toward them: this first in writing, then, if according to the child, or according to the examination team (never one person) any abuse has taken place, then a meeting must be planned within 7 days.  This policy should also see that children are regularly questioned about their well-being in the church, and by independent externals from all acceptable walks of life.     

All members should act as protectors of the children and this should not be the care of one individual, as the congregation is the child-protection manager, assisted by the general public.

All members and children must be made to understand that churches, and especially Catholic ones, are ideal places for paedophiles to target and harbour around kids.  It must also be understood that many churches are a freight to expose paedophiles. And, because of this lack of faith in Christ, many of those luke-warm or outright ‘false’ churches, are intimidated by the pedos not to expose them for, if they do, the pedos would expose much ill in this church to the public, etc. 

This fear, and the foolish trust put in churches by most people, is used very cleverly by the paedophiles.  So, any true Church of Christ would guard the house against those individuals, by introducing effective rules.

Failing to institute a CPP cannot be foolishness or carelessness anymore   – that is unacceptable, and it is my opinion that fools should not run churches; not even false ones: a matter of fact, Christ would not call them to do so. And careless people simply cannot be this careless! 

No one should be placed above another but rather: they occupy a position in a certain area of the platform.  And at all times should the first (if you do not manage to evade this position) remember that he/she should be a servant, a humble one, a servant to the congregation, as Christ was, and also states that we should be.  Like Jesus did, he/she may also be made to wash the feet of the members of the Church once or twice yearly, publicly, so that he/she too, at all times remembers that he/she is but a servant of Christ and his church.  For Christ, acknowledging that such is the nature of men that one will somehow emerge as the leader, has stated that the greatest among you shall be the servant.


Without fear, the Church of Christ will reject all impostors, as the Apostles have done in the beginning. But today we must also publicly expose them.

 – it must be made clear at all times that Christ is the leader of the Church and not the founders/clergy. They are mere administrators.

– whoever is revealed as a bold, premeditated breacher of the commandments of God, must be publicly named and announced, naming his wrongdoing to all the people and not just in secret to the clergy, without fear of men.

– it must be made clear to all member that they should not follow the organization but Christ.  So, they do not follow the founders/leader but together you follow Christ.

 – names/titles such as ‘Reverend’ should not be used. You are like Christ, so you are just ‘John’ ‘Fred’ or whatever.

 – the worldly titles as ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’ should not be used to draw people near you or to enchant them, for they are nought in the kingdom of heaven.

 – all finances of the Church should be open and members should be free to check on spending records.

– all members must understand what a believer is, what one in repentance is and what a Christian is.

Members must be labelled ‘Believer’ ‘Believer in Repentance’ or ‘Christian’, this to constantly remind them of what a Christian is so that you attract true Believers and seekers of salvation. 

And surely, the conman already notes that this may end up a very small church: but then many are called but few are chosen, and the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.  The only good Church in  Revelations 3:7 was also the small, poor church.  Jesus is so pleased with them that he saved them from the hour of temptation!

All members must be subject to scrutiny from each other. You are not a bunch of lukewarm deceivers but true Believers and Christians; so if one knows another of the supposedly baptised Christians to be a fornicator or adulterer, let him expose him/her to the congregation  – no secrecy, no hypocrisy.  You are a house of God, not of Satan, are you?  So who do you fear?  Men, or God? In who is your faith: in men or in Christ?

If there are members who are prominent they should not be allowed to wear designer clothes and live worldly lives, save when their jobs really demand this (and I think of show biz etc.) for that is not the way of Christ, and they are thus exposed as frauds.

The aforementioned are some of the foundational principals of any Christian church organisation.

But once again: The vast majority of churches practice the law of men, not that of God. I loathe this practice and I rather see them all banned if not controlled by the pain of law, so that false churches/ministries are dealt with: finances confiscated and distributed to charities etc.  Many churches are possessed by the demons of worldly lust and greed; and these rule over them.  We must hate all the things God hates, and we must understand that to hate evil is to love good. 

Do love your neighbour as you love your self, but do not worry when you hate evil so much that you over-cook.  Before you absolutely hate evil you cannot absolutely love good.  God hates evil, and so must you.

Churchgoers should be classified into four categories and visibly so.

a) the interested/sympathisers: these are not Christians, nor believers, just curious  – they (for example) wear a Blue, circular patch on their clothing.
b) the believers: these are not yet Christians, but they do believe in the existence of God and Jesus to be the son of God  – Christ  – they wear green patches.
c) the believers who are in repentance, taking it step-by-step   – they wear Orange patches.
d) the repented and baptized Christians, these are not cold, nor lukewarm, but hot   – these wear Red patches.

If anyone of the clergy then commits fornication or other transgressions against the constitution of Christ, one can see their classification and judge the matter soundly.  If an offender has classification Red, this one should be expelled and publicised at once, else you are a whore-church! 

But, as I said before: I don’t like churches and we best stay away from them: just follow the Gospel and avoid the churches of men.


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...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages, Catholics and other Nicolaitans defied the above quotation by Jesus, 
oppressing and murdering many, deceiving and misleading many more.
But they have not and shall not prevail against
'His Church'.



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