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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread


Persons who choose to follow Christ through celibacy do this out of devotion to the calling of Christ. These can also give away all their possessions and even become monastics.

Monasticism and Celibacy are a product of Christians, but of old, this product has been contorted through guile and deceit by the pseudo-Christians who disguised as celibates or monastics, for donation’s sake: today they are still the largest group to identify as ‘Celibate’.

Celibacy means: refraining from sexual intercourse or lust of the flesh with others, and marriage.  Recall Jesus saying: even him that looks upon commits fornication in his heart, so no touching or getting horny on others either.  MAT  5: 28.  A Christian celibate enjoys no sexual experiences through pictures or other mediums: the only sex is self-relief  – and this the monks attempt to suppress with medication.  Today the use of female contraceptives as well as ancient botanical substances are used.   

But celibacy does not make you holy and neither is it the definition of ‘Holy‘. Holy has one definition: Repentend and successfully baptised.

And, remember, if our baptism has been successful, we are re-born of incorruptible seed and simply cannot sin again.


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...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages, Catholics and other Nicolaitans defied the above quotation by Jesus, 
oppressing and murdering many, deceiving and misleading many more.
But they have not and shall not prevail against
'His Church'.



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