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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread

Become a Member of the Christian Church

How to become a Saint: one repented and Baptised.

a) Read the Gospel from start to end and examine the text, study it, questioning first your intelligence and then other Christians/Believers as you proceed.  You may read the book of Genesis also while you read the Gospel.

b) Once you believe it to be the truth you must feel  or you have not accepted the truth.

c) Once you believe, and repentance happens to you and you consciously decide to part from all the things God disapproves of,  you then walk into the Baptism and baptize into the church of Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ.  After your baptism, you will be reborn of incorruptible seed, and thus incapable of sinning again.  Do you, however, believe that this is untrue, know then that, would you sin again, this being untrue, you shall receive the second death, like all sinners.

Considering your conversion to ‘True Christianity’,

you would prepare your baptism by repenting first and living the life of a Christian (as much as you can) before you Baptise. This way you try your self. And the meantime God WILL listen to you and your prayers. And if God is pleased, he will accept you and sent you to Jesus, so you now need not try, for you are ‘enabled’ and all things are yours.

Buy a Bible:

Search online for one in your country. Sent me any links to downloadable desktop Bibles, in any language. Bibles.com,  Bibles.co.uk
King James Version;  New translation NKJV Bible;  Revised Standard Version (Protestant edition); RSV – Catholic edition (without Catholicism or doctrines of men in it, just the extra historical books as explained on this site) so it can be read without you being misled.  Remember, you are to become a Christian, not a protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox.

You may read:

1 Esdras   |   2 Esdras (these books are just history and their accuracy or inaccuracy has no bearing on your relation with or salvation in Christ. The Catholics replaced these 2 versions of accounts to  Ezra  (a different version of 1 Esdras)  and Nehemiah (a different version of 2 Esdras) when they split from the orthodox church ( the great schism). These books contain no Christian doctrine but historic accounts.  But do not get tangled up in the protestant/Catholic Bible wrangles, because the Gospel, whatever edition, is constantly identical in its pure form, without doctrinal additions from church organisations.

Above mentioned versions are only available in the orthodox Bible, and that Bible contains all the books initially included by the Christians when they composed the Christian Bible.  But, as if the orthodox more than the Catholics ever endeavoured, attempt to keep the Bible as far away from the people as they can, whilst mouth-feeding them their doctrines of men, the prices on their Bibles are a stunning average of 3x the price of other Christian Bibles.  Thank God the whole Bible is online today!


today there are no falsified versions of the Bible in circulation.  Sometime after the King James Version appeared, the Catholics have removed the falsifications they applied to the Gospel.  Today the Gospel in the Catholic editions is of equal accuracy as that we read in the protestant editions. Never could anyone corrupt the Gospel in such a way that it would mislead the chosen into damnation: for that would make God ‘INFERIOR’!

Online Bibles: 
http://www.kingjBible.com  (many translations in many languages)
http://www.Biblegateway.com  (versions in English and Spanish) 
http://www.blueletterBible.org  (English, 14 translation)
Bible site displaying various translations in a search.

The Gnostic Gospels:  these are Gospels which have been written by eyewitnesses, but not included in the New Testament:  because they were lost, or just disregarded.   But if we read them they are in perfect sync with the Gospels of the New Testament.
Read the website, if you like. and use the search function to find a gospel: for example ‘Gospel of Mary’.


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