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What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread


What does the Bible say about abortion?

Actually noting specifically.  But believers fear the commandment:  ‘Thou shalt do no murder’.
An egg on the uterine is a living organism because it has acquired life through cleaving unto the uterine.
An embryo is an advanced living organism and thus it is also ‘life’ (to become human): and it is commanded to Christians and Jews to:  Do no murder”.  Remember to kill beast or men without a valid reason i.e. to feed your self, clothe your self or in self-defense, is murder.

On this subject, it is arguable that, if a parent is incapable to raise a child, abortion is also a ‘God permissible’ act of protection and mercy on the child.   But biblically abortion looks like a definite NO to some believers, while others believe it to be permissible because the egg would not yet have advanced to a living creature in the womb. But abortion should then happen within two weeks and by means of destroying the egg.

So, if you are a Christian, you will logically speak to God 

You will pray in the name of Jesus Christ, about what decision you must take. Christ is the only mediator between God and men: no priest on earth can mediate between you and God: how many pedophiles (whom can only be of the flesh, and fornicators) would otherwise be mediators between you and God?  Something that’s absolutely impossible.  It has been estimated that 40% of Catholic priest are pedophiles.  So Christians pray to God and receive an answer.

Development of the embryo

Twelve days after conception, placental blood circulation and hormone production begins, often detectable in the pregnant woman’s urine by a home pregnancy test. The embryonic stage is where differentiation begins: the creation of cell types that become blood cells, kidney and nerve cells. By 5 weeks the heart has begun to beat and the central nervous system to form, plus tiny buds appear which will be the arms and legs of the now peanut-shaped embryo.

And remember: if you are a believer, you have not yet repented and baptised, so if you would decide to undergo an abortion and it would be a sin, this sin will be added to all your sins committed up to now and will be forgiven when you baptise after your repentance.


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