In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread

Pseudo-Christianity Claims

Pseudo-Christianity Claims:

– The Holy Christian Church is an assembly of Christian believers from all racial backgrounds united under a common doctrine and vision to carry the Message, Ministry, and Mission of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The Mission of The Holy Christian Church is to prayerfully engage the Biblical mandate to:

• Worship & Glorify God:
– Wrong! these worship God by default, for they are HOLY; reborn of the spirit.
• Know & Follow Jesus Christ
– Wrong! these, of course, know Jesus Christ, for they are one with his church.
• Study & Obey the Scriptures
– Wrong! Of course, they already have, for they’ve had FAITH, then REPENTED, then BAPTISED.
• Love & Fellowship with People
– Superfluous to state this. Holy persons embody this by the nature of their Holiness.
• Engage & Fulfill Ministry
– Indeed, the reborn and Holy people WILL Fulfill the Ministry of Christ! But not so pseudo-Christianity! They Fulfil the Ministry of Men: Pseudo-Gospels for financial gain!

Cliff Explains:

The Assembly: believers? Yes and No: no doubt, mixed.

Common doctrine and mission: Yes, a common doctrine to feed dumb people a lie, to financially gain from them.

Carry the message of Jesus throughout the world: NO! Pseudo-Christianity is not the message of Jesus.

Jesus Christ tells you that his church is HOLY and membership only happens through BAPTISM!

The Apostles write, through the Holy Ghost: 

ACT 2: 47 Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.

Read the whole paragraph:

AND SO WE KNOW THAT THE HOLY CHRISTIAN CHURCH IS: The Spiritual Assembly of the Repented and Baptised.

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A BELIEVER is a mere believer of that Jesus is the son of God and a believer in God and even the Gospel. Yet a sinner!

For none is without sin, says Jesus. And so we are all called to Repentance and Baptism, to thus obtain ‘HOLINESS’, which is sinlessness. 

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