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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
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Corona Bible Code Foretells Our Repentance

Corona Bible Code Foretells Our Repentance

Beholding the code I, like many others, first thought that mankind was being called to repent by the pain of a relentless virus. But when I reconsidered the code I came to a different, more favourable and realistic conclusion. For, which of us would be called to repent: believers? unbelievers? or both? How many would actually repent and what volume of repenters would be acceptable to God: in order to persuade him to terminate the virus?  In such a case, only the repentance of the Niniveans could save the earth: – too harsh. And so I examined the code for a wee and concluded that it may tell us something else:

a) The Bat caused Coronavirus, starting in China, enclosing the living flesh.  The battle against it commencing in January 2020, in 2020 the Virus shall relent. 

b) The Bath caused Corona, starting in China, enclosing The Living Flesh.  In 2020, mankind is forced into repentance by The Virus: we are forced to repent of the way we used to live, because of the virus.   Read the code by Matityahu Glazerson.

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